Master's program

Master’s programs in Mobile applications and Game design

The curriculum will be divided into 6 modules and the Master thesis:

  1. Mathematics for Game and Mobile Development (common for all tracks) 15 ECTS.
  2. Programming for Game and Mobile Development (common for all tracks) 15 ECTS.
  3. Interdisciplinary (specific for tracks) 15 ECTS.
  4. Professional (Mobile Apps, and Game Design (specific for tracks) 20 ECTS.
  5. Internship -10 ECTS.
  6. Research methods and Project design – 15 ECTS. The module will be delivered through a Research seminar format.

All modules will contain obligatory (common for partners) and optional (specific for partners) courses.

The first 2 modules, common for both tracks, will include 10 courses from other IT programs which will be updated in terms of T&A methods. 39 new courses will be developed: 8 courses from economics, psychology, design and philology (Interdisciplinary); 3 courses (Research module), 28 courses (Professional module - optional and obligatory) -14 courses in Mobile application track (focused on mobile development for various platforms –iOS and Android, user interface design for medicine and educations, mobile engineering); 14 courses in Game development track (focused on the specifics of digital game design).

Overall pedagogic approach is, first, interdisciplinary – though the program is developed within the “information technologies” area of study, the disciplines from other fields will be included into the curriculum as well: mathematics, design, economics, engineering, psychology, philology. And, second, the problem-solving and project methods will underlie the whole program. Various pedagogic innovations will be employed aimed at providing interactive, participative and real-world learning environment: ranging from case studies, jigsaw and simulations, and role plays to demonstrations and presentations to brainstorming sessions and team work.

Fundamental computer science and information technology (master's program in the development of mobile applications and computer games)