International Summer School "MAGnUS Summer School 2021"

Astrakhan State University (ASU), with the support of partners from Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Russia, Portugal, Sweden and Estonia, acted as a platform for the International Summer School "MAGnUS Summer School 2021". From July 20 to July 27, the school held a series of lectures, seminars and master classes, united by the general theme “Mobile applications for medicine and health”.

Both potential applicants for the master’s degree and those who wants to develop in this area attended MAGnUS Summer School 2021. After attending online lectures and seminars by leading teachers of partner universities, students were able to complete the proposed tasks.

The program included lectures, seminars, master classes on various topics, including "Genetics algorithms in game design", "VR technologies in healthcare", "Medical intervention games: An overview".

According to Aleksey Rybakov, director of ASU Physics and Mathematics Institute, the topic of the event is relevant for today, and projects created by scientists support and improve the work of doctors.

“During the pandemic, the popularity of applications and developments in the field of IT technologies aimed at preserving health has grown worldwide. These programs help to take care of oneself being in isolation — they are created for remote examination and consultation. Today, a smartphone can become a personal trainer at home or help with certain health diagnostics issues. That is why we have chosen this challenging topic for the summer school,” says the scientist.

Thus, teachers from the University of Derby (Great Britain), within the framework of an online school, spoke about the use of virtual reality technologies in medicine. The representatives of ASU shared their experience of using software in regional health care, and presented the development of an application for diagnosing diseases from images of dried blood drops.

In total, 16 teachers from 7 universities from 6 countries and up to 65 students took part in the work of the school.

MAGnUS Summer School Program 

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